I finally got a copy of this CD by J Dilla Friday.  I’m almost shamed to admit that I did not appreciate/know much about his musical talent until his death 2 years ago.  He mos def had a profound influence on r&b, hip-hop, & house/electronic music.

I find it interesting that so much goes on behind the scenes of music production that is never known by us common folk.

J Dilla has produced many of my favorite songs from artists like Erykah Badu who dedicated “Telephone” from her “New Amerykah: Part One (4th World War)” album.

The tribute was done after J Dilla’s mother told a story that right before Dilla passed away, he would go into hallucinogenic rants about how Ol’ Dirty Bastard was telling him he needs to get on the white bus and not the red one. 

“Telephone, it’s Ol’ Dirty
He wants to give you directions home
He said it won’t be too long…

Just fly away to heaven brother
Make a place for me brother
Fly away to heaven brother celebrate for me brother
Fly away to heaven brother put in a word for me…”

2008 Erykah Badu “Telephone”

BTW, the CD is off the hook!