MindspillMy weekend ended on an expensive note & I am not happy about it at all but life is moving on.  Yesterday on the way to Detroit, I was driving down the freeway when my passenger side tire blew out.  The drama was so ironic because the blow out happened right after I passed the giant Uniroyal Tire on I-94.  This was the last thing I needed because I did not want to put any money into this vehicle as I wait for my new one to show up.

Once I got off the freeway, I contacted AAA & 30 minutes later a former member of ZZ Top showed up to change my tire.  He was cool but all I could think of was the song “Legs”.  After he got the tire off & popped it in my trunk I noticed that my rim was bent & I knew I was really about to come out the pocket!

The evening in Detroit was so/so because I was kinda down about the tire  & that was compounded by the fact that I went to a concert & the act was not paid & walked out before she performed.  Can you say only in Detroit! People were demanding refunds but the promoter got the hell out of dodge before shit jumped off.  Luckily, I got in free cuz, I was already in the mood to beat some ass over my tire & rim.

Flash Forward:::::  This Am, I show up at the tire place to spend as less money as possible.  I decided to get 2 new tires to balance shit out but the guy was like you need 4 & with the quickness. I was like hell no & fuck that, give me 2 & your lucky I did not just ask for the one (that would have been very ghetto).

After some price haggling I spent a little over 3 bills & winded up not needed a new rim (YES)!  That Prius needs to hurry the fuck up & get here before something else goes wrong!