MindspillAs I mentioned a few posts ago, I planned to experiment with making homemade tea & smoked salmon appetizer (not to be enjoyed together).

Since I was home with the girls, they were my kitchen assistants & helped me shop for ingredients.

Both items were fairly easy to make & we all enjoyed them so it was a win-win. I was very pleased with how my smoked salmon-wasabi cracker appetizer turned out; It was very gown & sexy! 

I had to modify it for the girls because they were so not feeling the wasabi rice crackers, so they had it on tortilla chips.

If you are feeling adventurous & are in need of spice, you may enjoy these. Mindspill

Smoked Salmon Appetizer (see larger photo here)

– Smoked salmon
– Wasabi rice crackers (or table water crackers/whatever you prefer)
– 1 Pack cream cheese (8oz (I used Philly 1/3 less fat))
– Green onions
– Ground ginger

– Soften your cream cheese/bring to room temperature.
– Mince 2 green onions finely.
– Add onions & a teaspoon of ground ginger to softened cream cheese then mix thoroughly.
– Salt & pepper mixture to taste.
– Spoon dollop of the dreamy cream cheese mixture on top of your cracker.
– Slice salmon into thin strips & place a top of the cream cheese dollop.
– Enjoy with 6 to 10 of your best friends or fuck it up by yourself!

I topped with a few red pepper flakes for color & added pinch of spice.

Ginger, Anise, & Cinnamon Tea (see larger photo here)

-Star anise
-Dried ginger
-Lemon (for juice & zest)

– Steep 6-10 star anise, 4 hand crushed cinnamon sticks, & lemon zest in French Press (in boiling hot water).
– In your mug add honey, fresh lemon juice & small piece of dried ginger
– After a 10 minute French press steep, pour tea into cup & serve.

In case you can’t tell, I love ginger!