I was hoping to be up in my new Prius by now but I ain’t.  They were premature telling me that my shit would be in this week big time!!!  So now I am on hold until the end of April because that bitch is coming straight from Japan.  They had other colors available but I do not want to settle & be unhappy.  So I have 4 weeks of high gas prices in my future.

Will winter hurry the fuck up & leave so that spring can march in!  I am so ready to see my spring plants.

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Why are there no good movies out.  I am starved to see a good mutha fuckin’ movie.  Oh well, maybe I will go ahead & break down to see “Meet the Browns”.  I think it will be good but I am not really in the mood for a Negro cliché flick.

I took a couple days off work to hang with my kids during their spring break & we are doing nothing in particular & that is just fine.  Tomorrow, we will be doing some food experiments.  We plan on making a tea made with star anise, ginger, cinnamon & honey.  Hopefully it is not nasty because they will never let me live it down.  Then we are making a some smoked salmon with ginger-scallion cream cheese on wasabi cracker appetizers.  The kids don’t like the crackers (I don’t understand why) but it will be fun experimenting.  Stay tuned for photos even is all is gross, I will try to make it look good at least LOL!!!

Next week, I have my 3rd math test & I am feeling so/so about it but I know that I have to make it happen to not diminish the power of my come back!

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Also next week, I will also be in Orlando for the Photoshop World Conference & I am really looking forward to being surrounded by other design professionals & photographers who share a passion for the program that I live & breath!

Next week, One mo gin; I may have the opportunity to photograph Andre J (The bearded Drag Queen).  Fingers are crosses so stay tuned for details.

Kwame Kilpatrick is still a bitch who’s running around asking for people to donate to his legal defense fund & apparently people are lining up to do so.  It is so like a nigga to take up a collection… Luckily someone called him out on his antics with a high profile in Detroit.

Supposedly, Detroit business professionals, religious leaders & politicians are ponying up to help out their boy.  Shit, what’s gonna happen next???

Detroiters are once again supporting a pimp but why come is they leaving his hoe (I feel bad about calling Christine Beatty a hoe but she is & so is Kwame, but he is worse because he is a hoe as bitch!).  No one is doing a lega denfense fund for her ass.  Just another whe she needs to drop the bomb on this whole case

My boo is picking up Erykah Badu concerts tix tomorrow & I am geeked.  She is coming to Detroit with the Roots so I know the show will be extra live!!!

NY’s, I will be up in that bitch June 17-20th & would love to do a meet & greet over Negro fixin’s

Why is it that no one really knows if we are in a recession or not?  With all the brain power in DC & on Wall Street, why can’t them white folks just tell us what’s really going on???

Bygbaby.com MindspillWhy is Hillary Clinton such a lying ass bitch?!?! If you were shot at or surrounded by gun fire, don’t you think you would remember that shit with vivid details??? Another reason not to trust her ass. The Hill & Bill need to have their ghetto card priveledges revoked forever. They are not a friend to Negro folk & that has been proven time & time again. It is so funny to see her pale face & baggy eyes try to defelect her blatant lies while trying to call Obama out on JW. Give it up you lyin’ ass beoooooooooooooooootch!

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