My post title is inspired partly by the shadows & light of this photo, partly by lies that are affecting the city that I love to hate but love anyway & partly by Maysa Leak’s song “Shadows & the Light” from her “All My Life” album 2000.

“I’m conscious of the brightness
I’m conscious of the dark

The heartbeat and the rhythm
That echoes in my shell

I recognize the gift of life
The presence of your love

I’m conscious of my spirit
The shadows and the light”

2000 – Maysa Leak – “Shadows & the Light” Mindspill

I hate taking self-portraits because it takes so much energy. Set up for the shot, pose for the shot, check the shot, adjust camera settings & repeat 35 times. There has to be a better way.

I am envious of my photographer friends that seem to have perfected a technique. As for me, I think I will never get it the way I would like to.

Anyway, now to the jump off: Mindspill

So I know you know that I am happy than mutha that Kwame Killpimpin got his big ass brought up on charges today. I feel almost shamed to say that the news has had me on cloud nine most of the day & the juicy news coverage almost made me bust one up in my drawz.

At 10:59, I was tuned into channel 7’s website so that I could watch the press conference live with a co-worker.

Flashback::::: Yesterday, Suit Suzy & her friend Ramona Jones though that Kwame & his boo would get off because prosecutor Kym Worthy did not have the balls to make things happen. I felt differently & believed that the juicy brown law diva would pop off them charges.

Flash Forward::::: So today when Kym Worth walked out to make her announcement, I noticed that her perm was freshly touched up, the hazel contacts were fully in check & her French manicure was highly polished. In the back of my mind, I was like, damn, she wanted to be the number one stunna up in that bitch. And I guess so since the whole world is literally watching this shit go down in a chocolate city.

So before she began to speak, she popped the top of her ice mountain spring water, took a big ass swig then started with a hot & heavy scolding of Kwame & his former light skinneded boo. Her words were not harsh but the truth & we all know that the truth hurts.

“’Even children understand that lying is wrong. If a witness lies, innocent people
can go to jail or prison, people can literally get away with murder, civil litigants
who deserve money may not get it or may get money they don’t deserve. And
lying cannot be tolerated even if a judge or jury sees through it….

‘…Just when did honesty, integrity, truth and honor become traits to be mocked or
downplayed or ignored or laughed at or excuses made for them? When did
telling the truth become a supporting player to everything else?…’”

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy 2008

So now the shit has hit the fan & Kwame came out & again announced that he is not laving office unless he is basically found guilty. We have known for weeks that he is a fool who is in need of an emergent psych exam. He seems to be truly on another parallel from the rest of us.

The other thing that is so funny but not really is how all of the pulpit pimps religious leaders are saying Kwame needs to stay in office because the city needs him & we ought not judge. My questions is who they fuck are they really? From my past experience, the devil lives up in the church & more often that not is the pastor & or his/her staff. Why are Coloreds so blinded by religion & again I ask; what happened to separation of church & state???

OK now that you know how I really feel let me shift gears a bit. I really wonder what is going through Christine Beatty’s head? She lost her husband because of the affair years ago, she lost her job recently, people hate & are more mad at her than Kwame & she may lose that nice big house if she don’t get a job soon.

It is hard to feel sorry for her because she did violate her marriage all for Kwame’s hot dick & nuts. Was she that pressed to get up on a true Detroit Playa? Her world is coming down around her & it shows all on her yellow ass face.

If I had one wish for this trial, it would be that Christine says fuck it, cops a deal & rats out her former boo to save damn herself. That would truly shake some shit up + he ain’t her man anymore so what does she have to lose other than a few years on the streets.. They both claim to be so religious; this would be the perfect time for one of them to submit to their claims of righteousness.