OK, so I was able to pull off a food shot & recipe!  Suite Suzy & the girls made it home in time for her to make the cornbread dressing & banana pudding so dinner is on & poppin’

Anyway, nothing says lovin’ better than a plate of fresh collard greens, a true negro favorite.

– Fresh collard greens
– Smoked turkey wing
– Red pepper flakes
– Black pepper
– Salt
– Balsamic vinegar

– Soak the greens in cold water for an hour so that any dirt can sift down to the bottom of your sink.  I let mine soak for an hour then drain water & do a final rinse.
– Boil your turkey wing in a large pot with a few splashes of balsamic vinegar & salt for at least 30 minutes to get all the flavor out of the wing.
– Once your water is fully seasoned & the greens are cleaned, take your greens & pull the stem from the middle to be discarded.
– Take a sizable amount of your stemless greens & roll them up in a tight bunch then cut them into small rows width wise.
– After all of your greens are cut up, toss them into your seasoned & boiling water leaving the smoked turkey wing in.
– Add your red pepper flakes, black pepper & a little saffron (as you can see, I like my greens a little spicy).
– The greens should boil for at least 1½ to 2 hours slowly.
– Serve hot & with anything from broiled salmon to some hot & nasty chitlin’s.

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I would love to show the finished product but cooked greens are not photogenic no matter who cooks them IMO.  Wait, since Darius T. Williams somewhat called me out, here is a dinner plate to go. Sorry we were put of foil & Kmart bags.

Bygbaby.com Mindspill