Today I am stuck in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove making tonight’s dinner.  Although I do not celebrate Easter I am preparing our normal Easter fare in Suite Suzy’s stead as she makes her way home after her all girls weekend.

I would much rather be preparing something more fun but it is what is it is.  Dinner will be good & fatty as we suck down ham, cheesy baked potatoes, collard greens, cornbread dressing (if Suite Suzy makes it home in home to make the corn bread) & banana pudding.

My sister called & is trying to come over for dinner with my nephew &her boo.  I told her to keep her ass at home!  I invited her to dinner a few weeks ago & she blew me off.  She just wants to use me for my honey baked ham &that is not happening!!!  That shit costs too much to be having extra colored folks over trying to get their fill of negro fixin’s.  It’is not a soup kitchen up in this bitch!  It would have been another thing if she called me when she got her food-stamps and…

After I told her no, she hung up in my face.  Damn where is the love???

Anyway, no cool food photo this week but I would like to leave you with a photo of one of my secret ingredients. Can you tell what it is & do you use it? Mindspill