My post title is inspired partly by the composition of this photo & partly by Anita Baker’s song “Love You to the Letter” from her “Compositions” album 1990.

“Life is always changing
Constant rearranging
But nothing changes with you
You never do

I go to different places
See a million faces, but
None as fine as you

Baby I have the honor
To love someone kind and true
I thank my lucky stars
For bringing me here to you

Like water flows down from a hill
And yellow grows on daffodils
I’m gonna learn to love you better
To the letter, baby

Like morning dew on southern pines
And honey that bees leave behind
I’m gonna love you sweet to the letter
You’ll find no better” Mindspill

Because of Anita Baker, I love daffodils! When I see them, I remember riding the bus on Sunday mornings to work when I was a teenager listening to her “Compositions” album.

Actually the entire album takes me back to a very happy year in my life & strongly brings out memories of driving around in my mom’s Renault Medallion with my brother & sister. My momma would blast the music & we all sang along. We all knew we could not sing but it was so fun. The overall car favorite to sing was “Fairy Tales