Yes, this is all about me. The post is long, kinda boring but I had to get it all out or die from excitement.

Monday I had a test in my math class that I was feeling pretty confident about because I had been hitting the books consistently over a period 3 weeks. This test had to be the test that I made my comeback on because I totally fucked up on got a 69% on the 1st one. So I had to prove to myself that like so many others before me, I could do it.

So I took the test, which took me a good hour. After it was over I felt good, went home, changed into my gym gear, hit the gym, came back home, ate dinner & eventually fell asleep.

Tuesday: I woke up feeling pretty good but nervous about the test from the day before. Got ready for work, hit the plantation for 8 hours, came home to cook dinner, went to the gym, ate dinner & eventually fell asleep.

Wednesday: So today was the day I got the results of Monday’s test & I was pretty much on edge all day wondering how things ended up. Work was boring as usual & after 8 hrs, I hit Whole Foods for an in-class snack & some two bite brownies just in case I needed to console myself after getting my test results.

So now I am in class & the instructor said that he would pass the tests back after the break; everyone was like damn.

Anyway, we jumped off into chapter 4 & that shit was not so easy to comprehend but I will be working my ass off over the next few weeks to keep up.

Now it’s break time. I pull out my snack & beverage & await the test results. Five minutes later, the instructor stops in front of me then gives me smirk. At 1st I was like what was that all about, was he laughing at me, was he like great you did it, what???? Bottom line is it was a smirk of you did it. I got a 94 fucking %. So I was so geeked, I could not concentrate one bit after the break.

My come back is now on & poppin’!

After class, I went home, changed into my gym gear, hit the gym & watched ANTM while working the elliptical, came back home, ate a delicious Thai dinner that Suite Suzy picked up for me & eventually fell asleep after basking in the glow of my math victory (can you say run on sentence like a mutha!!!).

Thursday: I woke up feeling fucking great & glowing because of my successful math comeback. Got ready for work, hit a 9am work mtg, returned to the office for a few hours, then left for the day to pick up Olivia & Sade because they had a half day of school & I wanted to spend some time with them.

It’s now 1150am & the girls & I are on our way to lunch. Lunch was god but the conversation was much better. It is really fun listening to them voice their opinions (sometimes). They are quite strong in how they feel about things & speak with such conviction to be so young. It’s good to see my kids more advanced than I was at their age.

Now it’s 2pm & we are back home after stopping at the store to pick up some movie snacks. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching “Stardust” (rented in iTunes), popping milk duds & whoppers.

OK so now it’s 4 pm & I get an email from Vonnie @ Honey Soul who informed me that singer Anthony David was trying to get in touch with me. So moments later Anthony David & I touch base & he tells me that his record label wants to BUY the impromptu photo that I took of him back in Nov 07. I was like what???

He was then like name your price & it’s on. So at this point, I had to consult with one of my professional fashion photographer friends & he was like don’t accept anything less that ?00 but don’t lose the sale so be flexible at the same time. I was like for real? He was like hell yeah.

OK so now I am back with AD & was like my price with rights is ?50 or you can have all 6 for ?000. He was like no problem, let me hook you up with the record label rep (Universal Republic Records).

Hours later after all negotiations, my price was honored the paperwork was submitted & the images were sent.

So you can imagine I was on cloud 9 all fucking afternoon through the evening. The kids heard all of the discussions & were like OMG is that for real. They were like, we are so excited for you baba/brother. It felt good to her my babies talk that way. I then got in touch with my boo to share the good news & she shared that same sentiments as the kids.

During all of the negotiations & other shit, I attended a talk on becoming a stock photographer by professional photographer Ric Kasnoff. I learned a lot & hope that one day some I can put the information to use.

About 1030, I made it back home did some paperwork, & eventually fell asleep. Notice, I did not have dinner, I was too tired & went to be slightly hungry. Mindspill

Friday: I woke up feeling fucking great & glowing because of my successful math comeback & my 1st photo sale!

Eventually, I scroll up into the plantation, work until about 1240pm then hit the Toyota dealership to test drive that Prius that I mentioned a few months back.

After being up in that bitch for 3 damn hours, a deal was made & I am now the proud “pre owner“ of a Prius. The one I wanted was not in stock & had to be ordered. It should be in by Wednesday next week. I am pretty geeked about my new car & the fact that I will be rolling fat like my boy Larry David!!! My car not is 24 bucks cheaper plus all of the gas money I will be saving. Cha ching!!!

The ride on the Prius was smooth, very quite & pretty roomy for a small vehicle. My gas guzzling V6 days are almost over!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, I got mine in the “magnetic gray metallic” color.

It’s now just before 4pm & I roll up to the house & see Suite Suzy off before their 3-day girls weekend in western MI somewhere. I will miss them but looking forward to a quite house, mos def.

So I run in the house to spend some of the money I earning on my photo sale. I now have a new Nikon 85mm & Nikon 12-24mm lens on the way.

It’s now almost 5, so I take a quick leak then hit the freeway to head to the Centaur for after 5 cocktails.

My BFB winded up meeting me & we chilled while talking some shit like we do with some of the other bar flies. About 730 my boy “Bouncer Locs” asked me if I was going to the Jill Scott concert that was jumping off @ 8. I was like no, I could not get tix in time. He then said he had 2 & could not go. He offered them to me for 125 bucks. The wheels in my head were turning big time. I was like hold on let me consult. Fifteen minutes later, BFB had the tix in hand after making the money exchange in a weed smoke filled car (nothing like a contact buzz after a few martinis). Fifteen minutes after that we were up in the Fox in our seats (half way decent seats).

We caught the end of Raheem DeVaughn’s set, which was just OK. I mean, I really like Raheem but that new CD Is wack!!!!!!!

Now it’s a little after 9pm & my boo Jilly from Philly on stage looking good & sounding even better. She burned the stage up for 2 straight hours & totally gave me an eargasm!!!

I ended my best 08’ week ever on such a high note, unlike that bitch ass Kwame Kilpatrick!

What the fuck is next?