Before I left work today, I started fantasizing about having baked chicken for dinner after reading the Hijabi Apprentice’s baked chicken recipe post. The fantasy got so intense I could smell it a chicken roasting in my office.

So when I got off, I mad a mad dash to pick up a roasting chicken, fennel, & rosemary. Once I got home, I cleaned my chicken, seasoned it well (pepper, sazón (Goya up in this piece!!!), chicken roasting rub), massaged it down with olive oil, covered it in freshly minced garlic & rosemary sprigs, then stuffed it with chopped fennel, vidalia onion & lemon.

Once I had that puppy in the oven, I steamed some red gold potatoes & made my dreamy & creamy whipped cheddar potatoes with chives.

Since I wanted to hit the gym before dinner, I begged my boo to hook up some broccoli.

Two hours later my chicken was done, dinner was on & poppin’. Mindspill