My kids have us on the grind! Today Sade had a regional pom dance competition & her team can in 3rd place for her division. She was bummed of course but they did great! Well at least Sade did. A few of her crew jacked up but hey, they are just kids.

After the competition was over, she mentioned that she wanted to join one of the bigger better teams, which Suite Suzy think would be a good move but them meet many times per week a short distance from where we live. We have to investigate the option & based on that I will have to get my money right cuz that shit ain’t cheap. I was hearing like 300 per month & of that is the case, well, ummm………

In other kiddie news, Olivia scored 6 of 8 points in her basketball game today. My baby is doing quite well! Although I cannot follow what happens in many sports or really care, I am excited for her. Last week she was recruited to join a league after this little rec center season is over.

These activities will keep a niggas pockets & gas tank empty but it’s worth it. Mindspill