This week has been a damn trip on a political note big time. I have been so into what’s been going on that I was lost on what to write about so this post will be a little schizophrenic. Before I get into the recap jump off, I want to tell you that your boy has lost a total of 22lbs to date!!!

My pockets are finally starting to stick out more than my belly & my man tits have drop a whole size & they no longer hit me in the face when I am on the elliptical machine.

  • OK so I tripped the fuck out when I heard about NY gov former NY gov Spitzer quit his damn job after getting caught up in a prostitution ring. I really did not give a fuck if he quit or not, but I think he did the right thing & without a big to do. What really tripped me out was how much money he spent on pussy. 80K is a lot of damn money!!! The one question on my mind was how good is a piece of 4k pussy, what does that shit feel like, what does it taste like (tropical punch skittles perhaps???), is it gold plated, does it talk & better yet, can you only hit it once or do you have to pay again after you bust that 1st nut? Well, I guess I had more than one question.

    So the mutha fucka quit but now everyone is focusing on the poor victim/pussy giver upper Kristen or whatever the fuck her name is. I think it’s great that the media & others are embracing her plight as a high price call girl with a troubled past. I wonder what her rates are now??? And will somebody call the Church Lady for her lost ass, she needs guidance! side note: Church Lady (Rocco Late Night Mix) by Dennis Ferrer is one of my favorite work out jams (link is a free download).

  • On a similar note, Detroit playa Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is still refusing to give up his job citing that GOD appointed his bitch ass. What kinda GOD is that???

    He has been caught up in a ghetto fabulous pussy based scandal for weeks & he still refuses to leave office. OK, so this mutha fucka perjured himself on the witness stand while on trial, is caught up in one of the countries hottest text messaging scandal ever which indicates that he gave city contracts to friends, fired veteran officers who were investigating the party he threw when the stripper that was setting him off got her ass beat by his wife with a bat and so much other shit.

    Most recently, he acted like a total fool during his state of the city address this past week. He called people out, used his wife & kids as a way to deflect from his misdeeds, called the local media a lynch mob in additions to saying Nigga while on a live broadcast. Has he lost his damn mind???

    His arrogance is really an insult to the fools that put him back in office. The only way I see him leaving office is in a body bag because someone will have to take his big ass out (not me nor do I advocate violence to those who have a thug like mentally). Kwame is straight up a sociopath & a US based Idi Amin/Charles Taylor but with less genocide, little to no cannibalism. Mindspill

  • The Democratic presidential race is getting on my damn nerves. Yes Barack won MS! But why is that fact over shadowed by the fact that he won because of the Black vote? Barack is not a fool & knows that Negroes heading to the poles will not get him in office solely. One thing I know is that he needs to step his game up because Billary is ready to take a bite out of that ass.

    It is sad that I think Barack needs to get dirty to keep up with Billary’s race baiting backbiting game. That camp is not fucking around & willing to sacrifice all left lung to get back in the Whitehouse. After the Geraldine Ferraro comments & defense this week, it was clear to me that the Billary campaign is drenching with institutional racism down to the core. And that apology to Black church leaders in PA & Ferraro leaving at the end of the week was too little too late in my book.

    A while back I said if Billary got the nomination that I was not going to vote in Nov 08. That since has changed because I like McCain’s old turkey neck, barracuda toothed ass a lot better. Billary has totally lost me! I cannot believe Billary had the nerve to say that she wants Barack to be her bitch VP, and I like what Barack said: when you are a LOSER, how can you someone beating you ass to take a 2nd seat (Byg-paraphrase). In his strong “denouncement” of her schizophrenic passive-aggressive statement, it would have been so perfect his he ended with Bitch are you crazy!

    Lastly, Barack, your religious affiliations are fucking you up! Your pastor says some good shit & I agree with a lot of it but white America is not ready for that boo. You should have been a Buddhist instead.

  • MI & FL, give it up! Rules are rules & you broke them. A redo should not be on the table & the fools that decided to vote should have keep their non in the know asses at home. The DNC said many months ago that the votes would not count. Why are people tripping??? I think the millions of dollars that it will/would take to re-do a primary can go into some community based programs, the educational system, public safety, foreclosure prevention or something that will actually benefit people.
  • Why did them niggas in SC kill that white girl??? As soon as I saw the photo of the suspect, I threw up in my mouth & was like damn, that chicken still tastes good & then was like WHYYYYYYY they had to be Black??? Can you say race relations set back! You just can’t be killing white womens’. The entire nation gets evolved in that shit & will hunt a mutha fucka down. But for real, it was fuck up that they killed her. Was it that deep for a few bucks? Now they will be in prison for life getting their young asses blew out OZ style.

    And how many minority women disappeared this week & were killed? Why do we have to ask this question??? The disparities are enough to make a nigga go crazy.

I think this is all that I had on my mind for the past few days.