The post title is inspired by Common’s song “Black Maybe” from his “Finding Forever” album (2007).

“Can’t come around
They gon’ wanna bring you down
No one knows just what’s inside
Doing dope and doing time
Why they messing with your mind
Black maybe…” Mindspill

I took this photo Saturday & was going to delete it but when I looked at it this evening, it truly reflected my mood.

a) Hillary staged a comeback; maybe!
b) Someone was totally offended by comments that I made in my recent “Verbal Holocaust” post. More details to come; maybe!
c) I have to shovel snow tomorrow; maybe!
Maybe no More:

a) Hillary staged a comeback; maybe!
Explained: Yes Hilary staged a comeback with her 3 victories yesterday but is still losing the delegate count. I fear that if her & Obama continue with the smear campaign (more Hilary than Barack) whoever wins may get their ass beat by rooster neck & chin John. But I think if Barack continues to rack up the delegates he will knock John out.

The next few weeks are going to be pretty intense so I hope that Barack steps his game up but continues to take the high road while Hilary resorts to her dirty little tricks.

b) Someone was totally offended by comments that I made in my recent “Verbal Holocaust” post. More details to come; maybe!
Explained: In my blog post titled “Verbal Holocaust”, a local reader who was interviewing me for an article about me was offended after reading:

“I hate to compare the Jewish Holocaust to the African/Black Holocaust because I think it is impossible to compare atrocities but I do not understand why Jews particularly in America get treated with kit gloves & anything said against them amounts to a verbal/social/political beheading. When negative comments and or actions are made against Negroes they carry much less weight than anti-Semitic behaviors. Is money/power/racial ambiguity a factor why one group is untouchable while another is the bastard/nappy headed stepchild of the nation?”

During our conversation, I was asked if I thoughts/comments were anti-Semitic to which I said no. I was/am pointing out differences in treatment between two minority groups. The conversation really turned a little sour & to be honest I lost a little sleep over it.

Today while driving to work, I thought to myself, if you are pro-Black & concerned for your welfare & that of your people, why is that you can be viewed as a separatist or a racist. I have never considered myself to be a racist or a separatist by any means.

I contacted the interviewer today after discussing the situation with friends & my boo & decided not to proceed with the piece that was being done on me. I think after the most recent exchange the piece was going a route that I did not feel like traveling.

“Hi …,

After our conversation yesterday, I looked inward a reconsidered my post titled “Verbal Holocaust”. I was troubled by your assumptions to the point that I was not able to sleep. I have never attacked or spewed ill will toward any group ever. Until you mentioned it, I had never heard of the “Jewish Conspiracy” & did some research today on the subject.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn something new in terms of how Jewish citizens face discrimination in this way.

I would like to thank you for sharing your time to find out more about me. However at this time I wish not to continue to work on this piece. After our conversation, I thought back a little & really need to note that my life is more than being a blogger who speaks freely & a Black man navigating through life in America.


c) I have to shovel snow tomorrow; maybe!
Explained: I did have to shovel before I left this morning & was not happy at all!!! The one thing that I do like about the snow though is how it makes everything looks so pretty. Mindspill