MindspillWell, it has been officially months since I joined the gym, & I am sad to say that I missed my goal of a 20lb weight loss. I am happy to report that I have lost 18lbs, which means that I am at a think & juicy 248lbs, which is still great.

One thing that I am enjoying is being able to tuck some of my shirts in that were previously worn untucked. I started untucking when I figured that I looked 4 months pregnant which is not flattering at all. Well, I don’t think I was that bad but still, a big belly & tucking in shirt looks nasty.

So now my thoughts & energy are focused on getting down to 235lbs by June. Can I do it; will I be able to drop that bottom in 3 moths? I am certainly gonna try my best & leave the Wholefoods 2 bite brownies alone, for real this time cuz they really set me back!!!

Looking at myself in the mirror is getting a lot easier these days especially naked.
Bygbaby vs. Sisterlocks

Today, I finally got my locks tightened & during the appointment, I thumbed through a Sistelocks magazine. While doing so I got kinda turned off by what was there & what was obviously missing, not to mention the poor photography & bad layout.

First, I was like, I really like my hair but I think there is an over-saturation of Sisterlocks adoration & I just don’t get it. It’s just hair! I think there are a lot of Sisterlock peeps that are into this “lifestyle” a little too deep. If you need proof, have a look at the yahoo LockItUp group, which I quit 4 years ago after being turned off by many of the discussions & attacks on Sisterlock alternatives.

Second, I was like, why does this company seem to not promote Brotherlocks? When I got home, I visited the poorly designed Sisterlocks website (they really need my help!!!) & found no information on Brotherlocks at all. I even looked at the cheesy gallery page filled with missing photos & bad headshots & found no Brothas up in that piece. Well maybe they were the missing photos??? Shouldn’t the company that promotes Sisterlocks actively promote Brotherlocks? I know a lot of brothas out there will not drop the kind of money that I do on their hair for locks but I’m just saying.

Sisterlock/Brotherlock readers, what are your thoughts??? Am I tripping? Am I talking about you? Call me out…

BTW, I really love my hair!!!!!!!!!