I am sick & fucking tired of this mutha fuckin’ snow!!! I had to pull the snow blower out twice this week & from the sounds of it, I will have to whip that bitch out again by Sunday.

The snow fucked up my plans with the kids today & forced me to come up with a plan B since I took the day off work to hang with them. We planned to go to the Detroit Science Center to have some fun, then get into some lunch @ Union Street. Well since the snow was off the hook up until like 12, we had to squash that plan. The new & weaker plan was to go to the movies & the lunch @ Red Robin (they chose).

So now it’s 12, the sidewalk & driveway have been cleared, I had my 2 bowls of cereal & we out the door headed to see the 1230 showing of “The Spiderwick Chronicles” (I chose). I had been wanting to see this movie for a few weeks but Olivia & Sade were reluctant & finally gave into to avoid staying home all day cleaning. I was happy they caved, because I did not want to see this one by myself as I did not want to look like a pervert pedophile at a kids movie.

“The Spiderwick Chronicles” did not disappoint at all, in fact I loved it & so did the kids! I love those fantasy/monster/creature type flicks.

After the movie, we did lunch & some quick shopping & made it home by 4 to only see that the work I out in clear the snow was a waste because it started piling back up. Damn!

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The kids are off again next month for a week & we are planning to make that trip to the Detroit Science Center happen & hopefully follow that up with a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts.