MindspillSo last night I was watching the debate the Obama/Billary Democratic debate with & was all in. I think it was the hottest one so far!

I think they both were making great points & for a while I was like they are both winners with the way they defended their stances but that soon changed when Tim Russert started to hand them their asses on a platter.

When he tripped Hillary up on the NAFTA piece I was like shit, he got her ass good with that one. Then I liked how Obama followed & pounded on her for a hot minute. The repartee was quite juicy & relevant to the economy of my state (MI) which was not brought up.

Not too long after the NAFTA jump off, Russert dug into Obama’s ass with a question regarding the support he got from Louis Farrakhan recently. When Tim broke that off I could hear Obama’s ass puckering.

I think his reply was decent but I have mixed feelings about it. Then after her tried to put the issue to rest, Billary got in his ass & broke him down. I was like shit she is schooling him, WTF is he going to do now, AmeriKKKa is watching & hates Farrakhan, can you recover Barack??? Well IMO he did but it was kinda weak & was done under spotlight pressure.

So after the debate was over, I started thinking about what being backed by Farrakhan means. I think he’s off the hook but he has my respect & he speaks the truth on so many things.

I cannot for the life of me understand why anti-Semitic comments he made YEARS ago are relevant now, especially since he says he is a different man. Why is so much of white America caught up into one aspect of Farrakhan’s past, are they so blind to see the good works that he has done?

I hate to compare the Jewish Holocaust to the African/Black Holocaust because I think it is impossible to compare atrocities but I do not understand why Jews particularly in America get treated with kit gloves & anything said against them amounts to a verbal/social/political beheading. When negative comments and or actions are made against Negroes they carry much less weight than anti-Semitic behaviors. Is money/power/racial ambiguity a factor why one group is untouchable while another is the bastard/nappy headed stepchild of the nation?

Strom Thurman (hated Negroes but loved Black pussy) & Don Imus (now back on the air) are 2 great examples of talking all kinds of shit about Negro folk and walking away on top.

Lastly, last night I found it ironic that while I was listening to Erykah Badu’s track “Me” she mentions that fact that she was born on “Saviours’ Day” (02/26) & she salutes Farrakhan.