Saturday, I was in desperate need of some mushroom flavored soy sauce & Japanese rice chips to repeat a chicken recipe that I had at my favorite sushi bar “Ronin”. Of course & unfortunately Kroger does not stock a large variety of foreign food items so I ventured to the “Hua Xing Asia Market” to get my goods.
Saturday Night’s Menu:
– Spicy Thai Sesame Noodles
– Thai Cucumber Salad
– Chicken Stir Fry w/water chestnuts, scallions, red chillis & cashews
The Hua Xing Asia Market is the first Asian market that I ever been to & I must say that it was quite an experience. Wait, I have been to South Asian markets, mainly Indo-Pak stores for Basmati Rice & spices, but Hua Xing Asia Market was quite different. First for all, the place is big as hell! 2nd It is located in an old Toyota dealership & 3rd, that bitch was jumping with lines long as…

So when I get in, I notice all kinds of eye candy, like cookware, dishes & homeopathic looking oddities. Then I ventured into the vegetable area & see many veggies that I have seen in China town before but these looked much better & did not smell as intense, shit I was almost tempted to get some bok choy but it was not on the menu for this past weekend. As I browsed around, I saw many things that were way out, I guess compared to western standards like a meat & fruit popsicle, dried chicken feet etc.

Things really got interesting once I entered into the meat area. There were these huge fish tanks fall like wall to ceiling filled with live eels, crabs, lobsters, tilapia, catfish, & turtles. While I was looking in amazement at what was before me, a female worker in the fish area scooped out 2 huge catfish from the tank for a waiting customer. When she got them out of the tank, she took them behind the counter, dropped them on the floor & clubbed them to death. Looking at that shit, tripped me the fuck out. I was like WTF!!! And almost became an animal rights advocate but who am I really to inject my beliefs. I mean, she beat them catfish like she was beating the woman who stole her man.

After I got over that catfish clubbing, I took a look at the meats they had for sale. Some of the shit was tripped out & unidentifiable, but I was able to make out ribs, pig hearts & cow kidneys. Before leaving the meat area, I saw another tank of turtles, bug turtles & was like WTF are people doing with these turtles, are they pets??? I hope so but then again, I need to reserve my value judgment & keep it to myself.

OK, so now I am back in the grocery area now looking for the soy sauce & it seemed like I was looking for a needle in a haystack because they were so many soy sauce options. It took me a good ten minutes to find what I was looking for. Now, I just had to find the rice chips, which never turned up, even after I go the store manager Li Qua (Steve) to assist me. After my failed search, Li Qua & I talked about his huge store & the Apple iPhone (after he noticed mine earlier).

We ended up talking for about twenty-five minutes but before the conversation ended, I asked where I could find the fortune cookies. He laughed & said then only sell in bulk but pointed me to the Chinese buffet the he owned next door for a hook up. Ten minutes later, I was out the door with my mushroom flavored soy sauce, 10 fortune cookies from the “Chinese Buffet II” & on my way home to prepare a wonderful Asian inspired meal. Mindspill