Flashback: Last Saturday Suite Suzy checked our home voicemail & found 3 missed messages from her Dr’s office who was calling to schedule her for another mammogram because the one she had earlier in the week had an abnormal finding. After she got the message, she called me to share & I was totally fucked up as she was also. I got scared & depressed but Suite Suzy remained calm but concerned.

Over the weekend we talked about what a positive breast cancer screening would mean, how we would survive amongst many other things. The conversations were scenario based but yet still very frightening just to have to even think about it. Chemo, mastectomy, radiation, taking care of the kids, providing strong support to each other etc.

Moving Forward: 1st thing Monday, Suite Suzy called her Dr’s office to get in for another mammogram. She got in touch with a scheduler who could only fit her in on March 21, 2008 & she accepted the appointment. After making that appointment that was a month away, she called me to give me an update. Upon hearing the scheduled date, I flipped the fuck out! If they saw a spot on the films, why in the fuck are they waiting a month to get you in to test further???!!!

Immediately, I started thinking about the report that was issued last year about Black women receiving poor breast care vs their white counterpart. I was not about to let my boo slip between the cracks & become some fucked up statistic; no mutha fucka, not my boo.

Taking Action: So after I got my mind right & focused my energy toward getting an appointment sooner, I called a connection & pulled a few strings to get Suite Suzy seen sooner. 1 day later (this past Wednesday) after some phone tag & 3 emails, my boo was finally scheduled to go for more testing yesterday. This was great news & a partial relief for both of us.

So yesterday Suite Suzy goes to her appointment & 5 breast scans later a radiology tech came to her & informed her that her test were negative. The spot that kept showing up was a mole. She was like what??? Then she though oh yeah I do have a small mole.

Feeling Free: So it’s now 330 Thursday afternoon & Suite Suzy calls me to tell me the news & I almost peed on myself, I was so fucking relieved!!! We both sighed loudly as if a humongous weight was lifted off of out chest. After all was aid & done, I got mad! If I did not have a hook up, we would have had to wait in agony to get this news. On the flip side, what if it was a cancer; it would have had a whole month to grow WTF!!!

Reflection: Not everyone has a connection to key people in key areas like I do & it is a damn shame that if something is potentially life critical, you have to wait for weeks to get diagnostic test. The funny thing is that we were talking last week & I brought up the fact that she should look into changing her health plan so that she can go to the health system that the girls & I get care from. I like my job & think the employer is great but my boo has had way to many things go wrong when receiving some healthcare services.

The Jump Off: Since all the drama is over & her breast is now longer sore from being smashed numerous times, we celebrated by having a desert that I picked up on the way home from class last night.

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Life is a damn trip, so I am happy that I have someone to navigate the intricacies with a woman who can maintain her cool when I lose it & let my emotions take over.

Suite Suzy, if you are reading this, don’t dog me out for my many typos & grammatical errors! I love you & happy that things panned out for us, cause you know how much I love that tit! In sickness & in health, to death do us get up out this bitch!