MindspillLast night, my boo & I headed out childless for a night @ the movies & whatever else. The choice of what to see was quite easy for me to make since there are not many good movies out, so the plan was set to see “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins”.

I saw the previews of the move about 2 weeks or so ago & thought it would be pretty funny but ghetto or a typical Black comedy film. Well, put it this way; I did not find “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” to be a typical Negro film that I thought it would be. Are producers finally starting to get it???

The film was straight up quality, funny & the theme was not Negro specific. The only thing negative that I can say about the film & Suite Suzy agreed is that Bianca’s (Joy Bryant) lipstick was horrible. I’m sorry to be so picky but those big brick red lips were just not working. Oh wait; there was Mo’Nique in that tight leopard pussy outfit. Other than that, “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” is a winner in my book, especially with Darth Vader & Shug Avery as starting cast members!

Did you see it? What are your thoughts?
Advertised Synopsis:

Talk-show sensation RJ Stevens left behind his modest Southern upbringing and family name to transform into a self-help guru dispensing his “Team of Me” philosophy to millions of adoring fans. With a reality-TV-star fiancé and money to burn, there’s no piece of the Hollywood dream RJ hasn’t achieved. After his parents request that he come home for their 50th wedding anniversary, the TV host packs up his 10-year-old son and diva bride-to-be and heads back to Georgia. It’s a chance to prove to his family that he’s no longer the awkward kid they relentlessly picked on. At least, that’s the plan. But when his crazy, lovable family calls him on his big-city attitude and challenges him at every turn, RJ is forced to take a hard look at the man he’s become. He may be a superstar in L.A., but he’s just one of the guys in Dry Springs.

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Side Notes:

– We also saw “Jumper” last night & it was not so good!!! Actually it was quite boring! The only thing really cool about it was that a lot of it was filmed in Ann Arbor & there were familiar places & Suite Suzy’s former high school. Save your money & time by not seeing this flick!!! Sam J, you really let me down but the white hair was a good.

– Why do so many damned Negroes have the last name Jenkins & why do so many of us pronounce it “Jankins”? Was the plantation that damn big??????

– Next up on my movie roster: “Meet the Browns” (Suite Suzy got a free ticket when she purchased “Why Did I Get Married” last week), “The Spiderwick Chronicles”, “Vantage Point”, & “10,000 B.C.