Like most niggas, I am a day late & a dolla’ shoat’ with a Valentine’s Day wish. Actually I am always late with Valentine’s because I think it is a bunch of shit & another ploy to get people to spend needlessly.

When I think about it, all holidays are all about getting people to spend & spend. What ever happened to the sincerity of holiday meaning??? Shouldn’t we be telling the ones we love and care about how we feel often anyway. Why am I asking, who knows + I really don’t give a fuck.

Anyway I’m out this bitch, but before I go this is for all my niggas & bitches. (sorry I was listening to Lil’ John & the Easy Boys for the last hour). Mindspill

Wait, I’m back & on another note: Did you see Jane Fonda on the Today Show this morning with Eve Ensler discussing the “Vagina Monologues”? I was ironing my pants getting ready for work when they were on & discussing the play etc. As you probably heard, during the discussion Jane broke & said CUNT.

“I was asked to do a monologue called ‘cunt’.” Jane Fonda 2008

At first, I was like did she just say CUNT??? Then I was like no, but then I was like, she had to had said CUNT. That shit had me cracking up all the way to work & made my day!!! I wonder what would have happened if she said PUSSY?????