This week, my Brother Locks are a healthy 4 years old. Top celebrate this self-imposed holiday, I got my highlights freshened with some new color. So at the last minute I booked a standby appointment with one of Detroit’s best colorists Mary Vesta Henderson who works at the Meagan Mitchell Salon in Ferndale, MI.

So I show up at the appointment yesterday @ 3 & talked with Mary V about the look I wanted (pretty much the same that I had but kicked up a notch). We discussed my options & she showed me a few swatches & strongly recommended that I go with Paul Mitchell’s “the color” (demi-permanent (not as intense as a permanent color but better than a semi-permanent)) instead of doing a Sebastian Cellophane (semi permanent).

Now that the scary technical stuff was out of the way, 1½ hours & 65 bucks later I was a new man with a red hot locked look.

When my hair finally dried & I looked in the mirror, I was so happy with the result! Mary Vesta truly made it happen & is so on top of the color game; point blank. Mindspill

On the salon tip – All the time I was at Meagan’s, I was laughing my ass off, as we all discussed Kwame & his janky ass relationship drama. I do miss the barber shop/salon experience, especially for hot topical conversations that can be had nowhere else. Another cool things is that I took some Quench orders & got booked to give Quench hand/foot massages at a “Christian women’s bachelorette party” (yes that is what the organizer called it).

After we talked a bit, she was like you can’t do all that cussing up in her house. I was like as long as you are paying I will shut the fuck up if you want me to, she then said “oh lawd’ I need to pray for you”.

Back on the hair tip – I think I will be getting that haircut that I have been considering lately, some time early summer. I’m not thrilled with the way my locks are growing out in the back so they need a little help to get their sexy back

– Mary introduced me to the Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Treatment, a very nice leave in conditioner that left my locks shiny, not weighted down & smelling good. Check it out, if you need to condition on the go.
In other news:

– My boy Obama, kicked ass this weekend & I hope that he repeats the same excitement this Tuesday during the “Chesapeake Primary”. On a related note, it looks like Billary is telling some of her staff to “kick rocks” (inside joke for those who read Sugar & Spice).

– So as most broke Negroes I know, I’m excited about the 2100 bucks I am getting from the IRS. If you have been sleeping under a rock, the US Senate approved a $170 billion tax rebate plan to slow down/stop the recessions that so many are in denial about. If you are not sure if you are getting a rebate, here is some info that should be helpful.

When the plan sounded like it was going through & we were still in the financial range of getting a rebate, we had it partially spent. We decided to take the girls on a quick trip to Chicago so that they could go to the American Girls Doll mecca. They have been begging for one of those damn dolls for the longest, so I guess this is a good reason to finally give in & get a road trip out of it. The some cash will go to back to school gear. With the 3 bucks left, maybe I will invest it (in a cone of ice cream).

Is your check already spent, are you paying bills, getting repairs, or breaking yourself off with a gift etc???