Here are a few images that I captured at the 2008 Detroit Dirty Show (an erotic art exhibition). If you are a people watcher like me then you would have enjoyed the visual orgy of interesting sites.

This event marked my last photo assignment with the Detroit Fashion Pages for a while. I sat down, did the math & figured that currently, this is not worth the time spent (although I love the social high life). Not only, that when I shared my decision with the family, Olivia was happy & said that I could spend more time with the family. I was proud to hear my baby break it down like that.

Another factor that also played into my decision was that I was offered a photo editor position back in Sept/Oct 07& I was so excited. Well after waiting months for it to materialize, it never happened. That news was very disappointing especially after I was basically promised that it would go into effect Jan 08.

The cool thing overall is overall is there are no burned bridges & I left the door open for me to be available for special assignments & maybe some gigs in the summer.

My plate will be totally cleared once I finish this last website, which should be this week. At that point, I will be able to concentrate more time on this damn math class. Mindspill Mindspill Mindspill