So much of my life is an open book, so there is not much here about me that most don’t know, but thanks to Renea, I had to scavenge my brain for six Bygbaby factoids.

So here you is:

  • I pee in the shower & have since I was like 10. The first time Suite Suzy & I showered together I slipped up & peed on her leg. Needless to say, I shower alone most times.
  • I love Sinead O’Connor; weird I know but my dad put me up on her around the same time he put me up on John Coltrane.
  • When I was 12, I got a Jheri Curl & I think it was the worst one in Detroit, shit maybe in the Midwest! My shit was like a wet ass afro & my pillows were fucked up because my cap never stayed on while I was sleep.
  • My left eye is a little lazy thanks to bad genes from my dad. On his side there are many of us with varying degrees lazy eyedness (is that a word).
  • I know how to illegally reconnect electricity to a house & had to do it for myself once when I was single (way back when). I got away with it for about 4 months & was cold busted.
  • My favorite cereal is Raisin Bran & I can eat at least 3 bowls in one sitting. When I was a kids, Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berrys was my poison of choice, now it’s too sweet.
  • I once considered getting circumcised in my twenties to have a “sexier look” & by the insistence of my father (he got circ’d @ the age of 30). After talking to an urologist about the process, benefits & risks, not to mention not being able to get busy for a month, I said fuck that. At that point I decided to have an elephant trunk until the day I die.

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