So on my last post, I mentioned that Suite Suzy & I discussed what is meant by the term “Black Experience”.

Basically, my position was I do not know what it means & no sure if I grew up in the “Black Experience”. Suite Suzy who essentially grew up in a white household thinks the “Black Experience” can be broken down into different socioeconomic classes of Black folk & that the term can apply across the board. Suite Suzy also says that there really is no “Black Experience” & thinks the construct is stupid.

For the hell of it, I asked if we are living the Black Experience now & she says no. What makes us different than the Australians next door other than skin complexion & sex appeal? I tend to agree with my boo (rare) on this one, but want to hear from you out there.

My experience:
I grew up in a household 1 of 3 children (different dads), single mother (most times), on welfare until I was around 10, in a relatively poor neighborhood(s) in Birmingham & Detroit. So my question is, did I live the “Black Experience” & is my experience so different than other races or others within my race.

Now, I live in middle class environment, have a stable family & job, love fried perch sandwiches with hot sauce, shop at Whole Foods & on the winning side of the digital divide. Does this mean that my kids are missing the Black Experience???

  • Is there such a thing as a “Black Experience”?
  • Is this a self-imposed or white term (like African American (you already know how I feel about that))?
  • Have you or have you live[d] the “Black Experience”?
  • Does the common thread of racial identity make us one?
  • Is there a socioeconomic division that separates some Blacks from the rest?
  • Did Obama not really live the “Black Experience”??? (bonus questions…)

Since it is Black History month, I expect some damn answers from yo’ ass, so talk to me! Mindspill

And since we are on the subject, but not really, here is a shot of me living the “Black Experience” with my iPhone & Mudcloth printed scarf by Aziz.