Suite Suzy & I saw the Alvin Ailey Dance Company tonight on an adult only date. Originally the whole family was going but then Olivia ran her mouth & acted up yesterday so she was reprimanded & because she got so off the hook during the jump off, she was told that she would not be going. Then today Sade got sick & was not up to going although she really wanted to.

Sade being sick really put us in a pickle because we shipped Olivia off to Suite Suzy’s mom already & had no one to watch Sade so that we could still attend. Well after some frantic calls around we got one of Suite Suzy’s best friends (Ramona Jones (street name given to those looking to boo up)) to baby sit.

Ramona Jones showed up around 6pm, then Suite Suzy & I hit the door with the quickness. 35 minutes later, we were at the Detroit Opera House box office purchasing 2 box seat tickets (saved 50 bucks, since it was just before the show). With tickets in hand, we had an hour to kill, so we shot over to the Centaur for a cocktail & light snack. 55 minutes later, we were back at the Opera House perched on our seats.

We got the bomb box seat, as we faced the stage dead on. Talk about great luck!!!

OK, so just before the house lights went down, the woman across from me started to pop her gum all up in my ear. I was thinking & hoping she would stop when the show started. Well that never happened! This chick popped that damn gum all the way through the “Love Stories” act (EXCELLENT). When the lights came up for intermission, I had to stop my self from cussing her out! I hate a loud gum chewer, & not only that, why would you purchase box seats for a fine arts performance & act all ghetto by popping gum & you are over 25???

I was at the point that we had to move to prevent me from going over the edge. Eventually, I chilled a bit just before intermission ended & Suite Suzy agreed to switch seats with me. Now during the “The Road of the Phoebe Snow” act, Suite Suzy was about to kill her because the gum popping continued & she was talking to her girl who was seated next to her. Suite Suzy (also a gum popper at times) was annoyed also because the gum popper had on a pair of summer pumps with an open toe & white lace, then she had on a pink leather cocktail jacket obviously from Wilson Suede & Leather (very tacky). Lastly & to make matters worse she kept on pulling out this fucking Blackberry because it went off non-stop. At one point, I was wondering if she was sending text messages to Kwame Kilpaptrick so they could meet at the room after the show.

By the time the “Revelations” act started, we both had, had enough of the gum popping, Blackberry light & that tacky ass pink leather cocktail jacket. 2 damn hours of hot ghetto mess sitting next to you is not cool at all!

After the show, we headed out for Sushi & had a great meal, but the conversation on the way home was even better. Things started off by me telling Suite Suzy that I wanted to have a dancers body by June this year. She then laughed hard as hell & was like, Nigga that ain’t happening unless you get on that elliptical machine tonight & not get off that bitch until June, then we both laughed very hard.

Then we had a very interesting conversation on being Black, her own racial ambiguity, Barack Obama’s dark lips, Irish penises & defining what is meant when people both Black & white say the “Black Experience”. I really wish I was recording it because we both talked a lot of shit!

Wait’ let me get back to the performance then I’m out. I can never get tired of seeing the dance troupe perform & will seem them anytime they come Detroit.

This is a shot from “Wade in the Water”, my favorite part of the “Revelations” dance act. I found a good video of this act on YouTube, so if you are a fan of dance then you will enjoy this. Mindspill