Why is that when Negroes are in boiling water they all of the sudden call on “the church” to help their asses out. Why come they were not up in the church trying to help them get out of whatever it was that got them into trouble.

Today, Detroit news outlets reported that Kwame Kilpatrick will finally be addressing the sexy text message scandal tomorrow from his church @ 730. Why did it take a week!!!???

When I first saw this headline, I sighed out loud WTF! I am like you should have been up in your pastors office last week instead of being all up in Christine Beatty while on vacay @ a spa in NC.

I’m also tripping on the fact that Kwame & Christine are now both being surrounded by spiritual supporters/advisers. One of the pastors last week said that we should not judge the man & let him work through this drama with the help of the lord.

To that, I’m like, wait, so you, the pastor are telling us not to judge him but 2 years ago you told us to judge him & doing it by casting a vote to get his monkey ass re-elected! So basically, you are telling me to judge him when it is beneficial!!!

Classic example of why we need a separation of church & state. Too many pulpit pimps, leading fools to do foolish things.

I remember 2 years ago when I was a church attending Christian during election time. My then pastor told us basically to vote against a proposal that would allow gay marriage in Michigan. I almost stood up & said something but Suite Suzy was like don’t go there. When I was going to a church, I was not there to talk politics & suppress the rights of other.

Anyway, I am hoping that Kwame tenders a resignation tomorrow so that the city can heal (said in my best sarcastic voice). Oh the drama!!!

On another but similar note, I was having an internal conversation with myself today & questioned what song would Carlita & Christina sing to Kwame if they had the chance. The first thing that came to mind was “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy (1998), but then I thought that was too juvenile. Then after some real deep thinking, I came up with “Let No Man Put Asunder” by First Choice (1977), which is perfect for the situation. You see, music can be applied to anything boo!