For almost a week, I have been spending a lot of time with my new friend. No, not a new toy, I’m talking about my new (to me (refurb boo)) MacPro desktop computer. It arrived last Wednesday & I have been pressed to pry myself away from it because it’s so beautiful (men & electronics).

My HP is officially kicked to the curb & my house is now Mac-a-licious!!!

This thing moves like a knife through hot butter (or like Kwame “fuck em’ dry “Kilpatrick through his hoes) & it is coming in handy because I usually have at least 5 programs running at once (Photoshop, Parallels, DreamWeaver, Illustrator & Adobe Bridge), not to mention Mail, iTunes & Fire Fox. Yes, I’m a serious muti-tasker & having 2 19” monitors mos def helps!

The only thing that suffered during my total transition to the Mac platform was my scanner (Canoscan N1240U), which is 7 years old. It does not work with the new Mac OS, which I found out during a 25 minute call to Canon customer service. So off to Best Buy, I “had” to run for a replacement (Canoscan LiDE 600F). The funny thing is that, my old scanner outlived 4 PC’s & at least 3 printers.

So for now, I am on budget lock down for months after an extended spending frenzy like I was rich. Well, I my have to come ff my self-imposed budget lock down if a hot new mini toy comes out & there are a few scheduled for release over the next couple of months. Mindspill