As most of you know, I have been hitting the gym at least 3 times a week if not more for the last 3 months in an effort to get rid of my my man tits. My last report on my status was about 3 weeks ago & I was at 12lbs down. Well, I am excited to let you know that I am now up to 16lbs lost & counting!

I weighed myself this past Thursday & just about shit a brick at the total! It feels so good to be back under 250lbs, for real. I guess fortunately for me, my weight is proportionate for the most part & I am not running around looking like a nasty fat nasty thinking I’m hot.

My diet restrictions are working big time & it has been a week since I stopped eating beef. I get weak every time I see a Burger King & have to basically stop breathing to avoid the temptation of the seductive aromas from the ubiquitous fast food restaurants in my area.

One thing that I feel that is making a difference is that I love working on the elliptical machine, & I think I am addicted to that thing! On average, I am riding it for 45 minutes to an hour & burn up to 600 calories while going a distance of about 5 miles. I basically am a sweaty mess after I get off but that is OK!

At this point, I know I will be hitting my target of 20lbs by Feb 08, so I need to start re-assessing my goal(s) for the next few months. Basically my goal at this point in general is to get back to my pre-jump off weight, which is my weight before I met Suite Suzy.

Back then I was 230lbs with no man tits, nice firm & round grabbable ass & plenty of energy. Speaking of ass, Suite Suzy grabbed it the other day & was like damn boo. I got a little geeked by that…

I think that I will be at the pre-jump off weight before the beginning of summer, which will mean that I can be back in my sexy man shirts with confidence.

Switching topics but not really, last Friday, I stopped at the Centaur for drinks & ran into one of the bouncers there whom I have not seen in a while. He was like hey man, looks like you are dropping pounds. I was like hell yeah! He was like shit, I lost 40lbs in 07 & want to lose another 50 or so. Then I told him about my status & pending goals. Then we talked about the increased energy especially in the bedroom. We both were like, damn who knew that them extra lbs would affect you in the sheets & laughed.

So to all my big brothas out there, drop that bottom so that you can freak like you used to back in the day! Women nowadays want a man who can go all night!!! At least that is what I am hearing from Kwame Kilpatrick’s boo, Christine Beatty. Mindspill

20 lbs & 12 Years is how long ago this image was taken.

In full disclosure, I did not take this photo but the person who did, will remain nameless since I have a PPO out against her.

I forgot to mention that music is also a major factor in the Bygbaby workout. Without it I think like most, things would be mundane!

I prefer pumping house tracks & rap (Mike Jones baby) to get me moving, but every now & then I have to throw in a little something down tempo to get my cool down going.

Here are 6 of my favorite workout jams (like you care):

Jill Scott – Not Like Crazy (Woo Woo Mix)
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – Feeling Free
Glenn Underground – Contraversy
El Coco – Cocomotion ’79
Fertile Ground – Let the Wind Blow (Ian Pooley Main Mix)
Pirahna Head – Poem 4 A Lost One (Black Music Remix)