In my house, my children learn about Black history & beyond daily, not just the month of February. In addition, it is important for my children to know that Malcolm X, Frederic Douglas, MLK, Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall, Harriet Tubman, Mae Jemison, and a few chosen others are not the only figures that were important in terms of Black & current history.

So to help with their learning process, I make sure they attend exhibits, read books, & do independent research reports on random Africans across the Diaspora. Once my girls finish their researching, they present their information to the family and then we do a Q&A session, as we all have something to learn.

The last report given was tonight by Olivia on Angela Davis & she did an awesome job! I assigned her to do Angela Davis because last week, she was in a feminist rage telling me that I needed to take out the trash because she, her mom, & aunt Sade were strong women. After she finished letting me have it, I asked her if she was Angela Davis all of the sudden. She then asked me who Angela Davis was & from there a 2 page written paper assigned.

I also told her that she had to were here her like Angela did in the 70’s which she was excited about. She did such an awesome job with her vocabulary, that I could not help but to smile during her 10 minute talk.

I think in a couple of years, we will be doing a works cited page in the MLA format. Gotta prepare for the future, right??? Mindspill

Up next is Sade, this coming Friday & she is reporting on the Black Panther Party, because she asked Olivia questions about them & Olivia did not know, so another lesson is on the way. I am excited to here what she pulls together for us.