My HP 520n workstation finally bit the dust yesterday after 3 failed attempts to resuscitate.

This is officially the last PC that I will ever own flat out!!! I have had to totally restore it, seems like twice a year for the last 3 damn years.

The people @ HP support were always nice & helpful when chatting online, but I can no longer take it.

So after death was confirmed, I hopped on & ordered a Refurb’d Mac Pro Quad (who could afford a new one???). I should be up & running next week & cannot wait!!! My next thing to get will be that 30” monitor, but that will be a while. Suite Suzy, if you are reading, just kidding about the monitor & thx so much for approving the purchase oh budget master!!!

Luckily I backed up recently on my external hard drive (a must have) so I lost very little. I called my best friend Brion (BFB) to get advice on getting info off the hard drive & he broke off the knowledge & is hooking up with me Saturday to extract what I need. During the conversation he told me how bored he has been lately & I asked why since I new he would be wrapped up into his graduate classes by now. He then said, Oh, I forgot to tell you, I graduated & was like as a matter of fact, I got my degree in the mail today (masters in computer science).

Last time we talked a little over a week ago, he asked me about helping to build a site for him so that he could refer potential employers to it. Nothing was said about this great news. Anyway, I am super excited for him. It seems like he blew through his program in no time. I joked with him & told him that he & his fiancé were going to be the next Barack & Michelle Obama, especially when she wraps up he PhD. We both laughed. Mindspill

So anyway, I am much more broke n I was 24 hours ago, but at least I will have an “iSlave” soon!