Last week, I had the intimidating task of photographing a photographer for the Detroit Fashion Pages. The subject was young & fresh Detroit based photographer Emily E Berger creator of the White Wall Collective blog.

The shoot was held in her 500 sq ft apt which provided its own challenges that I think I overcame pretty well, with my light equipment.

I worked my ass off trying to work with the ambient lighting and I can say that I think can definitely improve from this awesome photographic experience. One thing that is for sure is, shooting with available light is so much easier! Mindspill

About Emily
“From internet pages to gallery walls, Detroit photography Emily Berger is providing local artists with outlets to exhibit their work and share their creativity. In the summer of 2007, Berger started the White Wall Collective, a group for local photographers and artists. Through a blog temporary gallery spaces, and shows, Berger unites local artists and attracts new patrons to the Detroit photography and art community.” Read more here

If you are interested in seeing my other favorite shot from the shoot, click here.