Today, I officially kicked my new photography project, featuring my Ikea “Alexander Visitor Chair”, that I copped last spring from the “As Is” bin.

When I got the chair last soring, I was so struck by the color that I did not even think about where I was going to put it at home. I guess, you can say this is a good example of me not being able to control my spending.

Anyway, so I got the chair home & just sat it at the top of my basement steps, where it collected dust and everything else for months. No wait, I think we did use it once when we needed an extra chair at the dinner table. And I did use it for a photo test last summer that came out very well.

So over the last few weeks, after attending a friend of mines photo art exhibit, I started to think that I could do this, next thing my idea was born. I had decided to use my Alexander Visitor chair as a focal point for my exhibit (if I get one/can make it happen).

My plan for the exhibited photos is to have each feature the chair out & about & in different situations, with & without people. At this point, I am going to do several months of work to get a collection of photos that I feel are representative of my style & exhibit worthy.

Like I said, today was the official jump off point & I did a series of 20+ shots & here is my favorite, titled “Passerby”. This shot was taken at the Law School of the University of Michigan aka “the law quad”, & the ghost in the background is yours truly. Mindspill

If you are interested in keeping up with my work, which I am calling “Mobile Ekundu Kiti” Check it out here. By the way, Ekundu Kiti means red chair in Swahili jicydnk.