Mindspill Gift buying for Suite Suzy is getting difficult because she has everything & I never know what to get that will be put to use. A few weeks ago when I started thinking about what to get her but never came up with anything decent. Gift certificates are so impersonal, she has a ton of perfume, she’s lost like 25 pounds in the last 2 months & I have no idea what her bra size is anymore & our sex toy drawer is full. I was just at a loss.

So on a trip to the mall to get my laptop repaired, I walked past a jewelry store & just happened to look in as just as I was about to turn my head, I saw this bright green bracelet that called my name. I was like, hmmmm, here is her gift. I got the attention of a salesperson to ask about this green bracelet. Excitedly, she explained that is made of Malachite & the little stone in the gold cage was a rough conflict-free diamond.

Then she told me that it was this was a benefit bracelet designed by Russell & Kimora Simmons with 50% proceeds going to the Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF), an international, non-profit that raises money to educate and uplift the people and communities of Africa. With all that said, there was nothing to think about & it was mine without a doubt.

How perfect, a totally conscious gift; Negro budget friendly, it’s beautiful, designed by a Black company and benefiting those on the continent.

So tonight at dinner, I presented the bracelet to her & she was so super excited.

I guess was a good thing that my laptop died on me, which forced me to go to the mall. Otherwise she would have winded up with a book of movie tickets.

On a selfish note, after visiting the Simmons green website, I found a necklace that I liked, which will be seen around my neck soon!
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