So, I am on my 2nd bottle of Moet & feeling pretty damn good in these first moments of 08’. I am not sure what the year holds for me nor will I predict, but I am planning for the best, and will try to be prepared for the worst.

07’ was really good to me, and I have no genuine complaints. I’m alive, my family is doing well, I lost 10 pounds & I’m still able to throw down in the kitchen & in the bedroom, my talent in the realm of photography has grown & elevated my creativity to a new level. So I guess, mentally I’m living the American dream is some sick twisted fantasy.

10 years ago to this very day, I was in Phoenix on a 3 day layover (my flight attendant days) & Suit Suzy was in Brooklyn having drinks at some bar named Michelle’s. She was drunk & we both told each other how much we loved & missed each other (she was my live-in boo back then). Who knew she was pregnant with Olivia. In Feb 98, we go the shock of our lives that we kept secret (at least she did) until late spring. Thinking about being responsible for a child’s life was scary though back then.

The Moet & Chambord are talking & I cannot concentrate on one subject.

Anyway, as I reflect back over that last year or even 10, none of it would not be possible without the support of a very stubborn, tolerant, & moody Mulatto woman (also a self proclaimed field slave) who has meant the absolute world to me. Suite Suzy has been my shoulder to cry on, my cheerleader, & my jump off through the good & bad times.

Today is Suite Suzy’s bday so I plan to try not to get on her nerves as much & be an all around good house Negro today (when I wake up).

Wait, back to me & the less dramatic shit (???). I really need to be recording this because I shed a few tears, danced to some great house & sung like a maniac.

No wait, I am done, I cannot concentrate, shit, where am I???

Last call, I want to thank all of you lovely readers for tuning into me over 108K times last year. You put up with my incoherent thoughts, fucked statements, rants & bullshit for months & for that you need a fucking shout out.

To all my regulars (in no particular order):

Erica C
Stephen Bess
Michelle W
Keisha aka Nicele (you mutha fuckin lurker)
Anonymous (whoever the fuck you are)
DCSavvy Star (get a blog nigga!!!)
Other unnamed mutha fucka(s)

I love you all & thanks for challenging me to be a better brotha! Mindspill

It’s time for a refill so piece bitches!