Friday night while driving home from a “cousin date”, with Cousin Dee, I was jamming to my iPod when one of my favorite all time jams came on. This favorite jam hasn’t really been my jam for long, but it became my jam back in 2006 when the Superbowl was in Detroit.

This song forever became mine early in the am of February 5th after partying downtown Detroit all night & for the most part by myself.

The last party I attended that night was given by DJ Moodymann aKa Kenny Dixon, which was and is a big thing. Since I do not mind approaching people especially ones who I admire, I stepped to Kenny & told him how much I love his music especially his “Black Mahogani” CD. We talked about why he chose to use those clever snippets of “Detroit 9000” for dramatic effect, the sexiness of “Runaway” to his use of Amp Fiddler for “I’m Doing Fine”. During the convo, I asked how could I get his more hard to find albums & he was like, your dream has come true, I am selling many things tonight (luckily I had cash).

As a matter of fact, he took me to the girl that he was working with & told her to hook me up with a copy of “Randolph – This Is What It Is” & she obliged. I thanked Kenny, put away my stash & danced my ass off until about 4 that morning, which is when I looked at my watch, and shit, I better get my ass home!!!

So I got in my car ripped open my gift from Kenny, popped it in, then hit the freeway. To be honest, the drive home was a blur but I remember dancing all the way. Once I got home, I fucking crashed like a ton of bricks.

Later in the afternoon, I pulled myself out of bed & went to my office to listen to my new CD again and was like, I fucking love this, especially the cut “About Last Night”, which became my theme song for “that” (previous) night.

“About Last Night”, just reminds me of a perfect night out doing whatever & living the next day to tell & smile about it.

So back to Friday night. Cousin Dee & I meet for drinks at the Centaur for our usual after work jump off. The early evening was the same as others, we sat around talked a lot of shit & had great Pom Martinis. The funny thing is, that we were both at the tail end of a cold but out for drinks & craving sushi (we are 2 of a kind). So after our last Pom, we hit the road headed for urban chic Royal Oak to visit our new Sushi spot “Ronin”.

Twenty minutes later, were hit the door & were greeted by our girl Zana, then the 3 of us perched at the bar for dinner. When I’m out for sushi, I prefer to sit at the bar so that I can watch the sushi chefs work, I find it very interesting seeing them slice & dice. We also sat at the bar because most of the chefs at Ronin are our friends because we follow them restaurant-to-restaurant. As usual, the dinner was superb but the conversation & laughter was better!

I am not sure if it’s good or bad but I usually attract attention when I am out & Friday was no different. Just before we paid our bill, the restaurant manager invited “me & my guests” to visit their exclusive lounge. Of course I accepted the invitation, then he handed us these gray key cards (like hotel keys) to gain entrance into the lounge. Mindspill

So we wrap up the bill then parlay our party to the lounge. Once there, we were like damn, this is another world! It was dark, hip, & on sexy people were there. Our admission entitled us to complimentary cocktails (hell yeah) & food (who could eat more). Were sat there and laughed more for a bit but had to break because Cousin Dee had to do a photo assignment. So reluctantly, we ended that night but on a “high” note.

On the way home, I reflected about the fun I had & all of that good sushi, which put a huge smile on my face. When I was about five minutes from home, “About Last Night” came on & I cranked it up & thought to myself, on how appropriate the timing was.

It was a great damn night.