I was over on the Ensayn blog this AM & he had a mini post on 80’s sensation, Billy Ocean. When I saw Billy’s picture posted, I immediately thought about my baby brother & I jamming to his songs when were we kids. One of our favorite songs was “Loverboy” & I remember how we would go crazy when the video came on “Friday Night Videos” way back when.

My other Billy Ocean jam was “Love Zone”! I remember thinking back then that I would play “Love Zone” when I had sex for the first time way back when. Like a lot of things that I wanted to happen, “Love Zone”, never jumped off that one fucked up night. The night I became a man is actually one of my worse memories from the 90’s. The chick, looking back was a barracuda, who only used me for nothing more than hot dick & nuts.

It is a good thing that Youtube exists because I just had a vicious bittersweet childhood “rememory.”