I really don’t have shit to say but I wanted to post this image from my weekend outing.

Bygbaby.com Mindspill

Wait, I do have something thing to say: I cannot wait until X-mas is over! I am so tired of people saying happy holidays & merry X-mas to me every time I make a purchase etc. I think since I stopped celebrating holidays this is just an annoyance that maybe i should get over, but…

When I was purchasing Suite Suzy’s bday gift, I thought I was going to walk away from the counter without the cashier say HAPPY HOLIDAY/MERRY X-MAS and the thought of that was good but then she crushed me because as I turned to leave, she said merry X-mas, with this big dumb smile flashing her buttery jacked up teeth (there is nothing worse than seeing someone smile with a busted ass grill). In my head, I was like shit!

I guess this is also annoying because, people in general are being all nice & shit now, but soon as the 1st of the year is here, all of this well wishers will not have shit to say & will revert back to selfish selves not caring how your day or week are.

Why does it take the winter holiday season for people to want to be friendly when they go 11 months acting like assholes who will not even speak to you while passing on the streets?

Anyway, let me finish this last sip of Tangueray & hit the sack cus I gotta work in the am.

Merry fuckin’ X-mas & I hope you get that Chia herb garden that you’ve been wanting.