Mindspill A few weeks ago, I got the kids a new iMac so that I could keep them off my shit and out of my office. I had been planning the purchase for a while and they knew it and was excited about it. Their excitement only grew after I took them to the Apple store to have a look at it.

So, since I work for a university, I can get a decent educational rate on computers and I mos def took advantage of this to save myself like 400 bucks for their 20’ iMac. While I was making their purchase, I decided to by the new Mac “Leopard” operating system to install on my Macbook Pro, which was priced pretty low.

At the time of purchase, I was way to busy to slow down to upgrade my Macbook Pro, so I decided to hold off on this until school was out. Well since the semester is over and time is more abundant, last night I decided to make that upgrade happen.

I started the process around 10pm and it finished close to like 12 or so I thought. After waiting for 2 hours plus, the install turned out to be a total flop, and my laptop was dead. I tried restarting it but nothing worked. I then hopped on my desktop (PC) to see what the issue could be and I found some help files on the Apple support site, which I tried.

The Apple support site detailed 3 options and I tried them all but to no avail. I then called tech support only to find out that they were closed for the night, but would be back open at 9am. At this point it was 130am, and I was tired as hell, so I hit the sack.

I woke up 1st thing this morning, washed my ass, brushed my teeth, dropped the girls off @ school, and got to work @ 9 and the first thing on my mind was calling tech support to get my issue resolved.

It’s now 915am and I am on hold for a representative. After being on hold for 10 minutes, “Nate” comes on the line, asking me my name and serial number. I gave him my info, then he asked what my problem was and I quickly gave him the rundown.

He then asked me to do some shit that I already tried, such as removing the battery, hitting buttons, and some other shit. I was like I already did this, what else can be done to resolve this issue. He then told me to “Google a solution”. To that I said “excuse me, is this Apple tech support?” He was like yeah, then I was like then “what the hell are you asking me to Google for, what did I pay your ass to do. I need a solution!” He was like, there is nothing that I can do and “I suggest that you Google for a solution or go the nearest Apple store and visit the ‘Genius Bar’.” I then said, “you know what, you are a stupid non-helpful ass bitch”, then I slammed that damn phone in his bitch ass face. (Yes I did!!!)

When he told me to Google, I just fucking almost, no I did lose it. Talk about fucked up customer service.

In general, I hate calling tech support because you always either get an (east) Indian call center and talk to an Indian man named “Jim” with marginal to poor English (WTF) or you get a call center in the US staffed with stupid ass people like Nate’s dumb ass.

So after I got my mind back right, I went online and made myself a 545pm appointment at the “Genius Bar” at my local mall. I was kinda nervous about the appointment because last time I was there, I had to snap on this dumb fuck assisting me when my iPhone was acting up.

It’s now 503pm and I just left my Brotherlock retightening appointment and I am speeding to get to the mall so that I could get this fucking laptop straight. I made it to the appointment by the hair on my nose and when I walked up, they called my name. And just as my luck would have it, I got the same guy that I went off on a few weeks ago, so in the back of my mind, I was like, all shit, here we go……………

As I step up to the corner, I pull my laptop out of my beat up Coach messenger bag and told “Toby” by problem. He was like, oh I bet it is a quick fix. He then hooked it up to some shit and he told me that I should be all set in 20 minutes. This made me feel so much better and I used those 20 minutes to pick up Suite Suzy’s birthday gift (I’m a quick shopper). The gift I got her will really surprise her and I know she will love it. In fact I think it will be her best friend.

After my mini shopping spree, I headed back to the Apple store to get my baby back. Toby looked at me, smiled and told me that I was all set! I put my baby back in the beat up Coach messenger bag and hit the road headed home.

So far I am digging the new OS and I like the interface, I just hate that I had to go through so much drama. Mindspill

BTW, I got my grade for my ENG comp class and got an A-! I was a little down about the – it is better than a B+.