Last night I worked the 2007 “Baar Bazaar” as a vendor selling Quench Essentials @ the Magic Stick pool hall, midtown Detroit. This was my last vending event for this year & let me tell you, it was a great ending note. I was able to take in close to 4 bills in less than 4 hours, which translates to fewer ashy people on the streets of Detroit. I was busy as hell but had a great time & met many new crafty friends.

One thing that is a constant with most crafters is that they always have a full-time job & their craft is a side gig. It is such a shame that what you really have a passion for just does not pay the bills. I guess I should know, since I have like 4 side gigs & my full-time job.

Anyway, 2 of my new crafty friends are teachers at charter schools in Detroit & during our conversations; I asked them about their experiences. I knew I was opening up a can of worms but I was interested to know what classroom life was like for young teachers these days. They both taught at the elementary level, & both started out by saying that they had some bad ass kids in their classes.

Teacher 1 “Mr Hasselblad” (white male) told me about how wild his kids are & how a male 5th grader just Monday beat the shit of a girl in his class room on Monday & how he had a hard time pulling the boy off the girl. He also discussed how disgusted he was with the students cheering on the fight. He also told me how a 4th grade female student called him a faggot during a parent teacher conference. He said, the mother looked shocked but then moved on with the conference without reprimanding the girl. After the conference was over, he said he cried & now hates the girl & wants to slap the shit out of her every time he sees her in his class room.

I then asked him how he slept at night & managed to drive to work everyday, he told me that sleeping was a problem & that driving to work was even rougher. To this, I said, you need to quit before you totally damage yourself & or damage a child’s mind because he’s not fully vested. Mr Hasselblad, then said that he know that he should quit but there are some students who he finds special, & they help him to see the silver lining of the clouds but some days it was just not enough.

Teacher 2 “Ms Mamiya” (black female) told me that she was sick of “these” bad ass kids but had to deal with until her 64k in student loans was paid off, hence why she also crafts. She has a master degree from an ivy league but wants to help kids in the city she was born & raised in.

Ms Mamiya did not have as much drama as Mr Hasselblad but was frustrated by the obvious lack of motivation by her students.

I wonder if this is a charter school thing, or if this is also jumping off in public schools as well. It is too bad that teachers want to get out of the schools because of bad ass kids with parents who don’t give a fuck.

Do you or have you taught in a school system, if so what has your experience been like? Are the kids filing the seats in your class(es) off the hook??? Mindspill