I don’t know how much snow we got today but it was whole hell of a lot! When I finally decided to get off my ass to assess how much I need t shovel, all I could do was shout out SHIT, that is a lot of mutha fuckin’ snow.

So I looked out on my back deck to see how much stacked up there & again, I shouted out SHIT. There had to be at least 2ft out snow there.

Before I mustered up the energy to go outside with the snow blower, my overly nice, Black republican neighbor came over & did my front sidewalk & driveway. I was like cool but I know this will mean that I will need to listen to one of his speeches on how I need to switch political parties etc.

After my surgery earlier this year, he shoveled my snow for me & I was so thankful because I was not able to, as I was on walking restrictions for like 2½ months. I really need to get him a gift of appreciation like soon.

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I took this photo on my back deck today. The pot that this plant (Ginger Root Ficus) is in is at least 8 inches tall. I dropped it in the snow froze my ass off until I got the shot that made me smile.