The other day I had lunch with my old friend Biggie K to catch up on times. We had not seen each other in a few moths but email every now & then, usually little jokes & other bullshit email. So the week before last we set a date to and it was on.

So this past Wednesday, we meet at a local Italian spot, did the whole man hug & hand shake blah, blah, blah. The restaurant was really busy & we had to wait like 15 minutes before we were seated, so we just hung out & shot the breeze. While talking, I got a hot whiff of Biggie K’s breath & was like damn (in my mind)! We were standing kinda close & the breath was on jam like nobody’s business. It actually stanked so bad, I tasted it a couple of times.

I try not to talk with my facial expressions but in this scenario, I just could not help it. I think after I turned my face up a few times, he asked me why I was making so many faces. I played it off by saying my nose itched or something like that.

Now we are at the table laughing more & I had a glass of afternoon wine (really to help me get over that stank ass breath), which loosened me up a bit. As the meal went on, I finally blurted out Biggie K, yo breath is off the mutha fuckin hook! He looked at me like WTF. He then asked if that was why I was twisting my face up so early, & I admitted that it was. He then said, “man next time, let a nigga know, I’m happy that it is you & not one of my jump offs”.

I then told him to keep some mints on him at tall times from now on because his shit was dangerous & could potentially be sold to the government as nerve gas. To that we both laughed!!!

I guess the moral of the story is that a real friend will always tell you when you are fucked up whether it is stank breath, a fucked up looking outfit, a bad haircut, or a jacked up looking boy/girlfriend. Mindspill