Well the semester is finally over & it ended on a high note when I got my research paper back tonight. Last week after I presented my information & turned in he final draft, I was like I better get an A. I worked really hard & I would not feel good with a B. I gotta keep my GPA up so I can get that damn scholarship when I transfer.

So after I got my paper & basked in the glow of my grade, I bounced & headed for the gym. I had to be there by 8pm so that I could catch the finale of “America’s Next Top Model”, while working the elliptical.

It was an intense hour. I think I found out, that I work more effectively while listening to my music vs. watching TV & working out. By the time the show was over, I still felt good about burning 516 calories. I also felt good because Saleisha won cycle 9. I would have also been happy to see Chantal win, as she was another one of my favorites.

Anyway, I weighed myself & I am now down a total 7 lbs! I am pretty excited!!!

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