Mindspill I may be late as hell on this but whatever cuz it’s new to me.

About a month or so ago, I met Asia Zimmerman, another Detroit area media, freelance photographer, & fellow Nikonian. We were both working a shoe designer event midtown Detroit & we talked about how phony & standoffish some photographers are that we run across at other events. We also tripped on how this was really the first time we actually could kick it with a photographer at an event & actually have a little fun talking to someone in the business.

Anyway over the course of the evening we shared a few stories, snapped some photos & swapped cards; you know the usual. So the next day, I pulled out Asia’s card, so that I could check out her website to see what kind of photography she and her husband did & immediately liked the site & their work!

While combing through the site, there was this hot hip-hopish jazzy cut playing but there was no indication of what it was etc. Since I am a music whore, I emailed Asia, to a) let her know that I was happy to run into her, b) compliment her on her work & c) find out whom that music was by.

Later that day, I got a reciprocating email from Asia & she gave me the song info. It turns out the song is “Mystic Bounce”, a remix by Madlib, which is on the “Madlib Shades of Blue: Madlib Invades Blue Note” album. “Mystic Bounce” is a modern take on Ronnie Foster’s “Mystic Brew” which has more of a jazz lounge feel.

Anyway, so I open iTunes so that I could find this album with the quickness, but was let down fast as it was not on iTunes. I then turned to eMusic, only to find that the album was not there either. The only place I could find the album for sale was on Amazon & it was listed as an import for 22 bucks. Since I am cheap, I said fuck that & decided to just chill until I could find it cheaper.

Weeeeeeell, I never found it cheaper and after searching for 3 weeks back & forth on Amazon etc. I finally got to the point that I did not care & just bit the bullet, paid the damn 22 bucks, & eagerly anticipated the arrival of my cd.

Last week, I watched my mailbox for the CD like a welfare recipient waiting on a check and yesterday it finally arrived!!!

As soon as I got the wrapper off, I popped the CD into my laptop & listened to “Mystic Bounce” first. I actually listened to it like 5 times before I decided to see what the rest of the CD was about. I had no idea that “Mystic Bounce” was the tip of the iceberg. Mindspill

Shit, I think I got my money’s worth because this CD is bumping start to finish with its hip-hop/jazz/lounge vibe. I think for the next week, I will be on Madlib overload as I plan to heavily rotate this on my iPod.

This CD is a winner start to finish, so if you are as late as me, you should mos def pick this up & discover it for yourself. If you decide to pick it it, you will find a better price than I did. I just checked Amazon & there are tons of CD’s available now from $8.49-12.97. Shit maybe if I waited, I could have saver over to bucks!

Anyway, my standout favorites are:

  • Distant Land (Hip-Hop Drum Mix)
  • Stormy
  • Step into Tomorrow
  • Montara
  • Footprints

Are you a Madlib fan? If so gimme some recommendations of his other work I should check out.