As I was preparing the vegetables for Site Suzy’s corn bread dressing, I was wondering to myself why US minorities celebrate these white holidays. I was wondering if Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving & when they sit around (if) the table are they thankful that they ancestors helped save the “pilgrims” or do they have some type of angry pow wow wishing that they offed those bitches??? I wondered if the Natives knew that the white man would eventually kill millions with disease, rape their women, cheat them out of land & eventually force them onto reservations that have some of the worst living conditions (not all). Well maybe a few Native Americans are just cool with it because they got the casino game outside of Las Vegas on lock down??????

I know niggas celebrate because we are just brain washed & we loves us some chitlins (not me), greens, a good cheap ham (I prefer honey baked) sweet potato pie & banana pudding (Suit Suzy makes the best!).

We’re not Americans, we’re Africans who happen to be in America. We were kidnapped and brought here against our will from Africa. We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock–that rock landed on us…” Malcolm X

I was thinking so deep about how exclusive Thanksgiving is and I cut my damn finger while chopping celery. My militancy just got my holiday hating ass cut up & wearing a Dora the Explorer band-aid. Mindspill

Anyway on a somewhat related note, I will never forget the Thanksgiving day of 1992 when my mom was in her bedroom eating a plate full of chitlins & she winded up dropping the remote control to her tv in the sopping wet bowl of pig ass tract. The remote never worked again & she was made as hell because the tv was brand new. To this day we still laugh about it.