Thx to everyone who helped me help myself in choosing my new business card design! Your honest feedback was very helpful & I am excited about the winning design.

Funny thing is the winner was “C” was my favorite all along! So I get to order my first choice, how awesome!!!

Today, I called up Cousin Dee to tell her about my blog poll on my card & she was like let me see the winner. Through the magic of email, she had it in her inbox less than a minute later.

She opened the message was like ooooooohhh, “I really like this, can you do one for me, I need cards like yesterday”. Since we work together, I could not charge her but she knew I wanted to. Shit, I do not do family discounts; everyone must pay!

I guess since my cards are on the way, I need to finish our damn website (when in the hell will I find the time???).

Anyway, here is the modified winner of the poll.

Peace & thx again,

Tafari Mindspill

BTW, I am THE king of busy design.