Last night, I planted myself on the couch, popped open my laptop & inserted my memory card to go through the photos from the party that I covered Saturday (11/03/07) night. I also planned on processing photos that I took while out & about Sunday (11/04/07).

Things were going smooth until I opened up Photoshop & noticed that all of my photos were missing.

At this point I started to shit a brick because I had a lot of damn images; like 200 & some change + if I could not produce photos from the party, I would not be getting paid.

After my panic was over, I collected myself & went into my home office to try the memory card on my desktop.

So now I am at my desk & looking at an empty card with unreadable files. WTF could have happened??????

Again, after my panic was over, I collected myself & went online to see if I could do something to get my photos back. While Googling, I found several memory card recovery options, but guess what, none were free (shit!).

So I download one on a trial basis & it did not work, which made me lose my mind. I go back to Google for another option & found something & gave it a try.

Five minutes later, it was looking like I my images were actually recoverable after 5 showed up. Well after the 5 images showed up, I got a message saying, if you want more, register this software now.

Three minutes & $19.95 later, I had the full version of Zero Assumption Recovery software. Ten minutes after that, all of my images were back & my blood pressure went back down.

From this, I learned that I need to format my memory card every time after I take off my most recent photos. From my reading this will help prevent problems like this. Now that I have this software, I guess I feel more secure should this happen one mo gin.

Here is one of my newly recovered images; a still life that I hooked up yesterday afternoon in the kitchen. Mindspill