Next to my wedding band, this is antique ivory bracelet is my favorite piece of jewelry. The ivory jeweler assured me that it was at least 150 years old & said that the cracks helps reveal the age.

When I got it, I was really nervous about it, hoping my friends or others would not dog me out once they found out it was ivory. To this day, no one has dogged me out & in fact, I have had 2 offers to buy it & numerous complements.

The bracelet weighs a little more than ½ pound & the chain is made of brass & silver

For months Suite Suzy asked me how much I paid for it & for moths I could not give her a straight answer out of fear. Now 3 years later, I cannot remember how much I paid it. I guess since I forgot, it will be my secret forever. Mindspill

Do you have to hide purchases from your boo? I know I cannot be the only one out there that does this!!!