I got an Uno waffle maker for my bday this year (I think I mentioned this before) & have been using it like hell ever since.

At lease one a week we have waffles for breakfast & every now & then we hook up chicken & waffles.

Suite Suzy always does the waffles so I guess I am spoiled. Well today the kids woke up & demanded waffles fro breakfast & Suite Suzy said hell no, ask Baba. Seconds later, I had kids all up in my face demanding waffles & to their surprise I said sure, I will make them.

So I got off my ass, headed for the kitchen & pulled out the waffle mix, read the instructions & said shit, I do not feel like doing all this mixing & shit blah, blah, blah.

After I changed my feeling about cooking, I begged Suite Suzy to do the waffles & to my surprise, she sad sure but I had to wash the dishes. Since all bets were on, breakfast was just minutes away.

Bacon or sausage patties, fresh whipped cream (who has time to make fresh whipped cream @ home) & strawberries would have made the breakfast perfect. Neither of these items were available to so I made the best of it & really enjoyed my vegetarian (but not vegan) breakfast.

I love slow weekend mornings!

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Are you a fan of breakfast? On a perfect day, what would be on your plate?