My post title is inspired by The Brand New Heavies song titled “Brother Sister” from their “Brother Sister” Album

“Don’t let your young life get you down
It always had a certain mystery
Many changes come to everyone
About the time that they turn seventeen
Grandma said at times you’ll feel a sting
There’ll be sharp turns and uphills and closed doors
Then she said hold onto your faith
‘Cause in this world you’ve got to go and get yours

So you stand up
Be strong go out there
Hold on to the real thing that matter
‘Cause no one’s gonna hand it to you on a silver platter
There’s no need to feel you’re on your own
Just let your intuition guide you through
Take one step toward what you believe
Don’t be afraid to make your move…

… Don’t be scared go out there
Just stand up my brother sister
Hold on
To the real things that matter
‘Cause no one’s gonna hand it to you
On a silver platter
Stand up my brother sister
Hold on to the real things that matter
‘Cause no one’s gonna hand ’em to you
On a silver platter” Mindspill Last night, I took advantage of the tickets that I scored for the National Ballet of China at the Detroit Music Hall.

I got 2 tickets & since we could not get a babysitter, I attended the performance with my little sister Sade. Sade is a dancer so Suite Suzy & I knew she would appreciate this more that Olivia as she is more into sports.

The show jumped off @ 8pm & we got to the Music Hall about 7:40, ran up to the Will Call window & copped my tickets. Now with 15 minutes to spare, we hunted for a parking spot & ran back to get our 3rd row seats.

Things kicked off promptly as it should have & that was great. Unfortunately & embarrassingly, niggas were strolling in all late, & I mean like 20 minutes into the performance. Why can’t Black people show up on time???

This was my 2nd ethnic Ballet & it was quite different than the “Les Ballets Africains” from the Republic of Guinea. Well maybe comparing the 2 is like comparing kiwis to rambutans.

The NBC performed 7 acts & of these, Sade & I only liked 3 of them & it was funny because the 3 had a Asian flare where as the others where pretty boring & very European. The acts that we enjoyed were 5.”The Same Moonlight” 6.”Natual Melody” & 7.”Butterfly Lovers”. Mindspill

During the fest acts, I understood why men in general do not enjoy going to the ballet. I found them to be acts to be very feminine & soft. Not only that, I got hard to tell the women from the men. They all had on tons of make up, & their bodies were flat as a board. In some cases, judging by genitals was not a help. I called Suite Suzy during the 2nd intermission & told her that I felt emasculated; then we both laughed.

All in all, it was good & Sade really enjoyed it, so I guess the mission was accomplished.

After the show, we went to Twingo’s (yes again, it’s good dammit!!!) for dinner & conversation. During dinner, we talked about her next pomp on competition & her dream to go to nationals (home girl is pumped & highly motivated). Once dinner was scarfed down, we shared a banana split that sent us both over the top.

By the time we got home (midnight), we were beyond exhausted. I think we both crashed & snored the night away.

If you are interested, please check out my photos from the show here.