So I had a great but exhausting as fuck weekend. My photo shoot was great, I have 70 jars of Quench Essentials on the way to LA. It’s Monday night & I still have not started my paper that’s due Wednesday & I am spinning out of control with all of these commitments. This week will be less intense as I have decided not to photograph any events/people so that I can have some family time, clear my gardens & catch my damn breath.

In a few, I have to get off the damn internet to get my mind right to pull this paper together. But before I go, I want to introduce you to a new friend I meet Saturday while shooting a Detroit Institute of the Arts FJC party at the ultra hip & chic furniture store Mezzanine.

My new friend’s name s Chiba & he is a real cutie. When we made eye contact, I knew we would be pals forever. After I paid for him, the relationship was cemented.

Chiba may look familiar to you if your parents purchased expensive Danish toys for you as a child and you will remember that he was/is known as a Rosendahl Monkey originally made by famed silversmith & toy maker Kay Bojesen. If you on the other hand grew up broke living the Ghetto life like me (or kinda) then Chiba is something new & a great toy adults who love toys or bourgeoisie YBP who loves to floss & flaunt bullshit.

After I negotiated down to a more Negro friendly price, Joe, the owner of Mezzanine told me of the story of this little throw back to the 1950’s & I was more excited about the purchase.

So after Chiba was bagged up & I was out the door, the only thing I thought about was like what am I gonna name him & what would I say if Suite Suzy asked how much I paid for him. Well last night she asked & I blew it off the way I always do when I spend foolishly. After no good response from me, she was like I know you & I know you paid some money for that! Then I turned the conversation to the kids & was hey like kids, who wants to help me name my monkey (she was still looking at me with that look).

It was funny hearing their responses but we came up with nothing. Tonight during dinner, Olivia & I brainstormed & we came up with Chiba. I like it & it’s fun just like him.

The name that I came up with originally & only shared with Suite Suzy was Spank…. Get it; Spank, the monkey…….. Suite Suzy was like hell no; do not name him that! Now we are all settled on the name now I think Chiba needs a friend, so you know what that means. Not sure if I will get another but I am thinking, which is not always a good thing.… Mindspill Mindspill

On a final toy note, I am going t trip you out with my next toy friend photo. I’m waiting for him to arrive any day not. I will give you a hint. My latest in real life had you Hypnotized in the 90’s baby BAY-BAY! Uhh.

Am I alone in this toy thing. Do you have any & sex toys do not count!